BWT production

Pattern making

Pattern making services

Our company provides many services related to the development of fashion collections and other textile products, such as:

  • Pattern making from sketches or prototypes by using Gerber AccuMark program;
  • Pattern digitization;
  • Pattern grading to sizes, according to the customer’s measurements;
  • Marking, calculating the optimal fabric consumption;
  • Transferring patterns via email;

Benefits you receive

  • Improved accuracy of measurements, so that all the styles from your collection are comfortable to wear for the customers of your brand;
  •  Reduced time & cost for making the patterns, so that you can focus on the design and sale of your brand’s collections;
  •  Reduced fabric usage, so that you can save money;
  •  Fast delivery;
  •  An opportunity to develop your prototypes, sell samples or even help with bulk production.

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